Our Story

During a 32 months’ time frame, I, Marine Major Anthony Gantt, founder, and my family conducted three major moves, that’s right, all eight (8) of us! Although moving can be challenging, we welcomed the adventure. Packing up and traveling across the world with eight (8) different personalities, varying bathroom breaks, and flying for 14 hours was not even the worst part. NOPE! Staying in yet another cramped hotel room or a so-called “extended stay”, with the limited, if any, kitchenette, sharing ONE bathroom, and living on top of one another for five (5) to 30 days at times made our adventures, not so fun. It actually made it worse. So why did we choose to stay in a hotel? The same reason other military families do. We could not mentally stomach not being reimbursed because we chose the option of staying somewhere not approved by the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR). 

That was until we took a gamble when we moved to Texas and The military per diem allowance for lodging which we rate is $140 dollars a night which basically meant we could get a room with two queens and hopefully get a foldable bed or two (2). It was then that we had had enough and mentally prepared ourselves to not be reimbursed. We rented the biggest five (5) bedroom three (3) bath home with a pool we could find. To add whip cream to an already great situation it was only $98 dollars a day for our ten (10) day stay. You guessed it, I lost that bet, and not one cent was reimbursed! But you know what, that was the best $1200 spent! The money we saved from not eating out, not hearing the kids arguing because they are not on top of each other and, being able to bar-b-que in the backyard while the kids swam in the pool was priceless. We are not the only family with more than one child that has gone through the mantra of staying at a hotel for an extended period and we won’t be the last. Hence the thought, why hasn’t this been figured out? It was then that I knew something had to be changed. Born out of our past frustrations and new experience came a solution. At Ease Rentals Corporation! 

We, (my wife and I) created what is now, At Ease Rentals Corporation to provide a space for affordable and accommodating vacation rental homes and alternative accommodations a platform to list their properties to service members and military families faced with relocating due to a change in assignment or service members traveling for extended training – Temporary Duty (TDY). We are excited about the future of At Ease Rentals Corporation. This will be challenging but knowing that we are helping families like ours during their move makes us sleep better at night. We strive to take care of others; one military family serving service members and their families! Many military families still have extremely limited options for the type of lodging accommodations that are reimbursable when conducting an involuntary move. At Ease Rentals Corporation is dedicated to solving this problem!